Nashville Honors Heroes fosters and facilitates a mutually supporting relationship between the Nashville and Fort Campbell, KY communities and provides vital services to Nashville Metro Area military members, veterans, and their families.

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Nashville Honors Heroes (NHH): We are a new non-profit organization committed to creating a revolution in military and veteran support services. Our vision is to facilitate Nashville being the most veteran and military friendly city in the country.  We are realizing this vision by organizing the first annual Nashville Military and Veteran Services Convention and challenging our community to work collaboratively to support local military members, veterans, and their families.  Additionally, we are developing targeted programs focused on service gaps and creating a mutually supporting relationship between the Fort Campbell, KY and Nashville, TN communities.

What’s wrong with the way things are now?

In recent years, Nashville was ranked 31st in the country as being Military Friendly.  Now don’t get me wrong, Nashville is a patriotic city that loves the armed forces. But maybe they love them a little too much?  There are so many different groups, non-profits, companies, and government entities trying to do something for our military, veterans, and their families that it has led to all these groups creating redundant services, fighting over resources, and struggling to get their message out.  The end result is that most service-members decide to go-it-alone instead of wading into this disorganized sea of supporters.

What’s the solution and what is this revolution in military and veteran support services you speak of?

The solution is synchronization and leadership.  NHH is committed to organizing a Nashville Honors Heroes Convention in NOV 2015.  The convention will include all Nashville Metro organizations interested in bettering the lives of military service-members, veterans, and their families.  Together we will challenge the fragmented service-based paradigm of the non-profit world and instead collectively develop a community-based plan focused on the end user, our Nashville Heroes. NHH was started as a partnership between local community leaders and active military service members stationed at Fort Campbell, KY but living in the Nashville Metro Area.  After many lengthy discussions and debates, it was determined that a formal organization was needed to serve as a conduit between the two communities.  Additionally, it was decided that as Nashville continued to grow and become a national leader both economically and culturally, it should also take the lead in supporting the service men and women that call it home.  By supporting NHH, you are taking a stand against short-sighted structures and policies, and helping us ensure that Nashville becomes the most veteran and military friendly city in the country.

The Founders:

Nashville Honors Heroes was founded by US Army Special Forces service members working at Fort Campbell, KY and living in Nashville.  Our board and supporters include active military members, military spouses, veterans, business and community leaders, and patriots.  NHH was chartered as a Tennessee Non-Profit Organization in August 2014, and our 501c3 IRS paperwork is currently filed.


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