SFbeardNashville Honors Heroes believes that Nashville can and should do more to support active service members, veterans, and their families.

NHH is currently reaching out to like-minded community business leaders, non-profit organizations, and political representatives in order to identify gaps in essential services and develop specific non-redundant programs to fill these needs.  Our current efforts include: working with the Nashville Chamber of Commerce and local business leaders to identify employers with military friendly hiring practices and support programs and formally recognize them, ensuring local Veteran-owned businesses are officially recognized and are receiving all benefits afforded to their status, and developing future plans for a Fort Campbell Memorial to be erected in Nashville.

Fort Campbell, KY is located 45 miles Northwest of Nashville, TN and is home to more than 30,000 active service members.  Despite this relatively short distance, many Nashvillians are unaware that this large military base is their close neighbor and that many service members stationed at Fort Campbell live in Nashville.  NHH feels that  creating a stronger and mutually beneficial relationship begins with awareness and education.

A Fort Campbell Memorial, placed prominently in downtown Nashville, would serve as a constant symbol of the relationship between these two communities for locals and visitors alike.  NHH is currently campaigning to have land donated by the city metro government in order to build a Fort Campbell Memorial in downtown Nashville.  The vision for this memorial includes a  representation of all the units that reside at Fort Campbell and would include the names all the Fort Campbell service members killed-in-action since 9/11.  Please support our cause by contacting your metro government representatives and donating to Nashville Honors Heroes.