shaking handsWhether you are a veteran beginning to transition out of military service, or a veteran looking for career support in middle Tennessee, Nashville Honors Heroes wants to help.  Our mentorship program is the first and only of its kind in the area to offer career and entrepreneurial mentoring to veterans and military spouses. It’s based on a simple idea: what if every veteran in the area was paired with a mentor in the industry of his or her interest? Not only would that veteran have meaningful networking support in establishing a new career or entrepreneurial opportunity, but our Nashville workforce would grow infinitely stronger by having more veterans working beside us.

The NHH Mentorship Program is designed to serve the individual professional needs of every qualified veteran or spouse. We will collaborate with you to determine your measureable goals of professional growth. This personalized service enables us to pair you with a mentor best suited to assist in your career transition. Whether you are transitioning into a new career, looking to bolster your current career, or wanting to start your own business, Nashville Honors Heroes is committed to assisting you.

To enroll in the NHH Mentorship Program as a mentee, you must be an honorably discharged or transitioning service-member or a military spouse who aims to work or operate in the middle Tennessee area. Applicants must also complete and submit the Mentorship Program: Mentee Application. This application assists NHH in selecting the mentor that best fits your career or entrepreneurial goals. Once enrolled, you will be paired with a mentor to help you create a personal and professional network, develop a career plan, and support you throughout your transition.

Quality mentors are the key to the success of the NHH Mentorship Program. To become a mentor, please fill out the Mentorship Program: Mentor Application. A background check will also be conducted, and upon approval, mentorship training will be scheduled. Once a mentor is listed on our volunteer roster, they are committed to no less than 6 months of mentoring by providing support, encouragement, local knowledge, and connections. As a mentor, you are never alone in your role. You are a critical NHH team member and we are here to assist you and strengthen your mentoring partnership.